There is no substitute for professional photography when you are working hard to promote your image and brand. In this day of "it's good enough" and "I have images from my phone", they may look great on your phone screen, but trying to reproduce them in print for your marketing materials is sadly not the best way to portray your company's image. Sometimes they will work, I have seen them used successfully on one project, where the light was good and they were not being reproduced very large, but this was definitely the exception, not the rule!

We shoot products in studio and on location. Whether you need products shot for your latest catalog or interior photos for a brochure we'll work with you to ensure you have the images that you need. We use a number of different cameras, including dSLR's and large format view cameras, depending on the situation. Our copy set-up includes a Better Light scan back digital camera, that is a true 48mp, with hardware interpolation up to 108mp. This is the camera that we use to shoot original art work for reproductions.

Artist - Hollace Kutay

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